Meeting at a distance (2 jours)

Time is precious. It Is just important to decide whether a meeting is worth being organized and conducted on the premises or at a distance.
As a participant, a meeting at a distance can be the best option. No need to travel, just a click and the meeting can start!

Personnes concernées

This training is dedicated to anyone wanting to conduct or participate in all kinds of professional meetings.


Be able to:
  • have a better understanding on how to be pertinent, convincing at a distance
  • have techniques to communicate efficiently on the telephone in a limited time
  • organize, prepare and conduct a meeting the proper way
  • know how to maintain attention


  • Being aware of the specificities of a meeting at a distance: understand tools and pedagogy at a distance, work on the telephone skills
  • Preparing a meeting : work on key messages and communication objectives, list and order the items to be developed, structure the speech, prepare a time scheduled script, send a detailed agenda before the meeting, to be completed by the participants...
  • Preparing adapted handouts and documents to be used at a distance : how to prepare a PPT think of illustrations to use, vary handouts according to meeting purposes and objectives to be reached (decision to make, follow up a project, discussion meeting, brainstorming etc.)
  • Conducting a meeting : how to lead a meeting in three steps, review of techniques to get participants into action, how to conclude a meeting
  • Overcoming specific obstacles: understand and answer properly the participants' needs and expectations, learn how to maintain participants' attention and how to handle the different personalities and reactions at a distance, how to deal with objections ...
  • Participating in a meeting: how to prepare and join a meeting at a distance, know exactly when and how to participate, how to get into action
  • Conducting / participating in a meeting in a cross-cultural context: being aware of the cultural differences (stereotypes, communication, time management)

Particularités pédagogiques

  • The training is adapted to real life situations in a working context
  • Role plays, case studies, brainstorming, exercises, feedback
  • Building up proper handouts

Modes de diffusion

  • Taylor made training
  • Worksheets, leaflet and individual action plan